Southampton Hospital Radio HBA : Overview


From the Chairman's.. er.. 'chair'

I have been a member of SOUTHAMPTON HOSPITAL RADIO since 1986 and since 2010, I am proud to say, I have been the station's Chairman. Although it is working out to be slightly more time consuming that I thought, it is fun as well!

In my years as a presenter, operator and Executive member I have been lucky enough to meet some of the best people, Engineers, Librarians, Transmission Controllers, Executive and Regular members without whom, I wouldn't be where I am and, the station wouldn't be still broadcasting.

All of us give of our effort for free, simply, to entertain 'The Patients'.

Some of us are 'occasionally' 'tasked' to work longer and harder than we expected when we joined. For instance when our 'machinery' explodes or someone donates a couple of thousand CDs or LPs to our library or the alarm blares out at 02:00 or when an Outside Broadcast, Cricket or Football match over runs or the Station Director rings and says 'Dear Boy do you think you could possibly....'

So if you are considering joining us, and please do, simply ring any evening on 023 80, 78-51-51, but be warned, SOUTHAMPTON HOSPITAL RADIO can easily become an addiction, if you stay more that six months you will probably be a member for LIFE!

We have, at present, eighteen members who have been with us for THIRTY years or more. I haven't reached those 'dizzy heights' yet but I am, quietly, closing in on the 'gang'. If you have the talent, staying power or just vast amounts of money we would be delighted to see you.

Steve Mullane

(Chairman of the Southampton Hospital Broadcasting Association - SHBA)


Registered Charity Number 259459 | Normand House (top floor), Tremona Road, Southampton, SO16 6HU
Tel/Fax: 023 8078 5151 |